Nautilus Ecology is a consortium of freelance marine and terrestrial ecologists and environmental scientists, who draw upon a wide range of skills and professional expertise. Nautilus Ecology aims to bridge the gap between active biodiversity conservation work, research, and commercial environmental consultancy. Through this novel approach Nautilus Ecology provides expertise in biodiversity conservation, applied ecological research and training, in addition to ecological surveying and other services pertinent to over coming threats to biodiversity and improving sustainable development. Nautilus Ecology provides services to the NGO conservation sector, governmental agencies and commercial environmental consultancy. Nautilus Ecology works closely with it’s partnering organisation, JFA Environmental Planning.

Nautilus Ecology’s consultants have provided expertise to a range from international conservation charities and NGO’s to governmental and intergovernmental agencies as well as commercial companies involved in the EIA process and environmental management. All of Nautilus Ecology’s consultants dedicate a portion of their time and expertise to non profit, biodiversity conservation work.